Living an Active Lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest

I Love The Pacific Northwest!

If you’re looking for adventure and excitement you should move to the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest is an area that includes Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Some people also include Northern California, Idaho, western Montana, and Alaska in this area. The bottom line however is that if you move to any one of these regions you may not want to leave.

The Pacific Northwest is known for a lot of things. You’ll find a variety of ecosystems throughout the area which include incredible terrain, forests that contain the tallest trees, old-growth forests, rainforests, desert, incredibly tall mountains, fast flowing rivers, beautiful coastlines, and ocean tidal areas. The Pacific Northwest is known for some of the most varied marine life anywhere in the world and the inland areas are incredibly green.

When it comes to mountain ranges you’ll find a variety of impressive mountains from Mount Rainer in the south to Whistler Mountain in the north. These mountains offer wonderful challenges to anyone who wants to climb them or ski them. Recently the winter Olympics were held in the Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain ski resorts. This ski resort and area is perhaps the most visited ski resort area in the entire world. There are approximately 2,000,000 visitors who come to this area each and every year.

Get Outdoors

The Whistler Blackcomb Mountain ski resort area is only a five hour drive from Seattle and about a two-hour drive from Vancouver. During the summer months this resort area is extremely popular for mountain biking and hiking. One of the reasons why people prefer to live in the Pacific Northwest is because of the many outdoor activities that the area has to offer. There are untold benefits for anyone who wants to live in the Pacific Northwest.

Many people believe that this area receives a tremendous amount of rainfall but the truth of the matter is that it actually receives less annual rainfall than other cities such as Washington DC, Atlanta, or New York. The overall climate in the Pacific Northwest is generally extremely moderate. Both Vancouver and Seattle are beautiful cities on the coast and offer a variety of interesting family activities and destinations.

Most people are enthralled by the breathtaking mountains, oceans, and forests that this area provides. On the other hand, many people are impressed by the beautiful city life that is available in both Seattle and Vancouver. For example in Seattle they have a famous fish market called Pike Place. This unique fish market was founded in 1907 and is one of the oldest public markets anywhere in the United States. A day wandering through this amazing market is well worth your time and effort.

The Pacific Northwest is also known for its many small microbreweries and coffee outlets. There are coffee shops at every corner and there is nothing better than to spend your morning with a cup of deliciously fresh roasted coffee while gazing out at the tremendous view that the harbors of Vancouver and Seattle have to offer. Therefore, if you love the outdoors and are also into adventure and beauty there is no better place to live than in the Pacific Northwest.


Finding a Great Senior Living Community for a Parent

There are many options available for a parent as they get older and need a little extra assistance for day to day living.  These range from simply having someone visit their house to help out with certain things on a biweekly basis (such as bringing groceries or picking up the mail) all the way to need to stay at a fully featured memory care facility.

Independent Living

Independent living is a great option for seniors who are still living a relatively active lifestyle and engage in daily activities that keep their mind and body busy and healthy.  Communities that are a good fit for this lifestyle are usually classified as independent living or independent retirement communities.  Many different service levels are available but it is usually a bit more basic and tenants are allowed quite a bit of freedom in their daily activity and schedule.

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are usually a good fit for a parent that has lost much of the ability to do some of the more normal daily tasks that we are all used to. These can include, but aren’t limited to, driving, doing simple chores, cooking, cleaning, and other related daily tasks.  Assisted living type facilities usually provide for all these basic daily activities and include full meal service, daily activities, and transportation service.

Memory Care

Memory care facilities are usually designed for seniors who are in the early or mid stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  These types of conditions require a special care schedule and involve essentially all the different daily needs that a tenant might have (cooking, cleaning, help bathing, memory exercises, etc.)  These types of communities are usually a bit more expensive due to the extra care needed.

Here is a list of great Portland senior community options to look into for a parent or loved one:

  1. CherryWood Village Retirement Community
    1417 SE 107th Ave
    (503) 408-0404
  2. Rose Villa Senior Living
    13505 SE River Rd
    (503) 654-3171
  3. Hawthorne Gardens Senior Living Community
    2828 SE Taylor St
    (971) 222-0396
    Also find updates on their Facebook page.
  4. Avamere at Bethany
    16360 NW Avamere Ct
    (503) 690-2402
  5. Mirabella
    3550 SW Bond Ave
    (503) 688-6400
  6. Russellville Park
    20 SE 103rd Ave
    (503) 254-5900

6 Ways You Can Hire The Right Contractors For Your Home Construction or Project

Your home is supposed to be your castle. It’s where you rest all night, spend most evenings and weekends, and get ready to face the world each morning. You deserve to have it designed, built and decorated just the way you like. However, this means having the right contractors involved in your home construction from start to finish.

Here are 6 simple ways to help you find the right ones

1) contractor-checklistTalk to the employees at your local hardware store. Many hardware store employees are either part time and do contracting on their own, or are retired from contracting. In either case, they probably know good people they can refer you to, such as a great roofing contractor. They might also help you save money on supplies if buying them yourself is cheaper than your contractors hardware quotes.

2) Use only contractors who speak your language. Some contractors may not be fluent in your native language. They’re probably still very skilled, experienced and work hard, but if you aren’t able to communicate with them clearly, you might not get your expectations met exactly or at all. At least make sure there is one fluently bilingual person on the contracting team to avoid misunderstandings.

3) Only use locals. Whenever possible, try to only use local contractors. Some contractors travel to regions or cities where construction is going on, and this is typical within the industry. However, local contractors are typically going to be more well-versed in local building codes and regulations, as well as know who to call or where to go when something comes up.

4) Do a background check. You can’t be too careful these days, so make sure you run a decent background check on anyone that might enter your home. Check them personally for criminal background and verify their identity, but also make sure that you check out their professional certifications and licenses. Keep an eye out for previous customer feedback regarding pricing accuracy, resolutions of customer complaints and any warning signs of fraud.

5) Check out their work. In addition to doing an online background check about their professional history and whether or not you can trust them, try and figure out if you can trust their work. If it is possible, visit locations where they have done work and see for yourself if they did a good job. Sometimes, this might just be driving by a structure, as it’s awkward (and a little rude) to knock on someone’s door as a stranger asking to check out their kitchen remodel, but any contractor claiming to have happy clients will have at least a few willing the stand up and testify to the work they received.

6) Get to know the subcontractors. Depending on the complexity of a project, a contractor might need to bring in specialists that can handle specific tasks better. Know in advance if this is going to happen, and do your due diligence as much on the subcontractors as you did on the primary contractor.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to identify and interview three potential contractors for each individual project you have. This way, you can have a range of price quotes and possibly get a bidding war going on in your favor. With luck, you’ll soon find your go-to contractor to use for all your work towards your dream home.  Our go to roofing contractor in Portland, Oregon is Dial One Roofing. Click here to visit their website. They have a great reputation in the area and are a quality Oregon roofer.